SoulShine Integrative Wellness


At SoulShine Integrative Wellness, our mission is to create a safe space to aid in whole body holistic healing and empowerment of all people to be the healthiest version of themselves.


Our vision is that all people have access to holistic therapies for a healthier lifestyle. 

What is SoulShine Integrative Wellness?

Empowering men and women to live a healthier life through mental health therapy, addiction counseling, yoga, meditation, reiki, essential oils and community referrals.

Why Choose SoulShine Integrative Wellness?

I believe that illness in the body reflects illness in the mind. And illness in the mind reflects illness in the body. This is why I implement evidence-based practices in a holistic way, often incorporating yoga, acu-detox, breathwork, somatic movement, art, music, meditation and food mood education along with psychotherapy. My therapeutic approach is eclectic but always client-centered and strength-based, I believe everyone has what they need to heal inside but in different stages or situations may need help utilizing those tools.

SoulShine Integrative Wellness is a space to share, learn and discuss how food effects your mood, how to utilize essential oils in your daily routine, how to incorporate yoga and fitness for whole body health, Psychotherapy along with breathwork and meditation for your mental health. SoulShine Integrative Wellness is also a resource for referrals to help people learn their community options to help aid in becoming their healthiest happiest version of self.

Who is SoulShine Integrative Wellness?


Kelly Thielk

Kelly Thielk

Owner, SoulShine Integrative Therapy

Kelly L. Thielk is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, 200-hour E-YRT Yoga Instructor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner whom helps people heal both mind and body.  After working over 10 years in the yoga field and two years volunteering as a court appointed child advocate for LaSalle county in Illinois, she decided to combine her passion for yoga and therapy and earned her Master’s degree in Social Work (2015) at Aurora University.  Kelly specialized in substance abuse obtaining her certification as an Alcohol and Drug counselor and working with dual diagnosis.  Kelly has worked as a counselor within the prison system focusing on substance abuse, anger management and criminal thinking.  Kelly also worked as a dual diagnoses counselor at an intensive outpatient drug rehabilitation center focusing on relapse prevention, anger management, mindfulness and mental health.  Kelly also worked at a Group Private practice in Illinois and has most recently relocated to Colorado to continue to work Private Practice.

Kelly has experience working with those suffering from extensive drug and or alcohol addiction as well as those just looking to make healthier life style changes.  Her experience in mental health has been helping clients with diagnosis such as Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia.  She also has experience working with trauma related issues and its long-term effects in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Kelly works with all ages individually or in group format, family and or couples.

In Kelly’s spare time she loves to travel, do volunteer work, eat good food and spend time with her family and pets.  She is passionate about yoga and enjoys leading yoga workshops, yoga retreats and attending festivals that inspire wellness in the community.  Kelly enjoys lifting weights with her family while finding the perfect balance with yoga.