SoulShine Integrative Wellness


Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30-9:30am

Resilient Soul Yoga Studio & Live M-W-F in BodyMind Fit App

418 East 4th Street, Suite 100, Loveland CO behind East End Ale House

Every Wednesday and Friday join me for Trauma Informed Slow Flow and Resilient Flow Yoga. This is a safe space to move at your own pace and process what your mind and body need. Each class is taught from a trauma informed perspective guiding poses to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms while strengthening and treating your whole body.  Register at


iRest Meditation

3rd Sunday of every Month 7-8pm

Resilient Soul Yoga Studio 

418 East 4th Street, Suite 100, Loveland CO behind East End Ale House

  This style of meditation was developed by Dr. Richard Miller and is backed by extensive research, in treating anxiety, PTSD, C-PTSD, and pain management. It is an evidence-based transformative practice that helps aid in psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing. iRest is a meditation practice based on the ancient Yoga Nidra tradition. iRest meditation can help you cope with daily stress, decrease depression and anxiety, resolve trauma and improve your sleep. Each session will include discussion and iRest practice. All levels welcome. No prior meditation or yoga experience required.  Register at



Wednesday & Fridays @ Resilient Soul Yoga Studio 10-11

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at off site location upon request

418 East 4th Street, Suite 100, Loveland CO behind East End Ale House

Schedule a Reiki session for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  Reiki strengthens the self-healing process, balances energies, sooths emotional distress promoting a peaceful outlook on things.  Kelly holds a safe sacred space for you to heal allowing energy to aid in your healing process.  Kelly uses crystals, singing bowls and essential oils to aid in each session.   Register at




Schedule with Kelly

Wednesdays & Fridays @ Resilient Soul Yoga Studio

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday off site location.

Schedule a half hour session of Acu-Detox.  Relax & surrender in a space of ease and comfort to process what your mind and body need. I will talk you through while placing 5 needles in each ear to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, stress, anxiety and depression symptoms.  Space is limited so pre-register by calling or texting 630-708-7938 or going to




1st Wednesday of every month 10-10:45am

Poetry Reading 

Wednesdays @ Resilient Soul Yoga Studio

Bring your favorite poetry book or your own poetry.  This is an informal peer led group to read and share poetry that means something to you. Have a cup of tea and listen or read to the group you get to choose.  Lets connect as a community and share kind words.  Register at