at SoulShine Integrative Wellness

Integrative Individual Therapy

During therapy sessions we’ll work on the issues you feel need attention and get you where you want to be.  Integrative therapy introduces yoga, meditation, acu-detox, food mood education along with mental health therapy in an effective way to build whole body wellness.  Each integrative technique is not always implemented it will be based on the specific needs of the client.  Utilizing integrative therapies with psychotherapy is effective in working with mood disorders, body image, grief, depression, anxiety and PTSD.  After initial assessment and treatment planning each session may include a combination of psychotherapy integrative with possible yoga, meditation, acu-detox and food mood education.

Couples Therapy

If you’re looking to get back the passion in your relationship and feel closer to your partner I can help you with that.  Rekindle those feelings you both had when you first fell in love.  During therapy sessions we will focus on processing feelings and creating skills to help you move forward in your relationship.  Getting to know each other again and learning to make time to listen and do things together again.

Trauma-Sensitive Peaceful Yoga

Watch For Upcoming Class 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is evidence-based to help reduce cortisol levels, boost serotonin and brain GABA levels which improve mood and reduce anxiety. This class is taught by a Licensed Social Worker trained and educated on helping clients work through complex trauma and mental health. Kelly is a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher, certified yoga instructor and a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Kelly works to help each person feel comfortable in their bodies, empowering them with education and self-regulation skills. Each client is invited to explore a restorative slow flow yoga in a gentle and safe environment. Breath work, Trauma sensitive cues, pose modifications, meditation and education will be used to build self-empowerment and aid the healing process. Each class will end with meditation and optional group discussion of present moment experience in the class.  

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesdays 9-10am All experience levels

Studio 68 located at 4650 Signal Tree Dr. Timnath CO 80547

As a 200E-RYT certified yoga instructor with over 400 hours of training and certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II Practitioner I have taught yoga for over 15 years.  My trainings are in Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Senior Yoga, Strength Yoga and Pre/Post-natal Yoga.  Utilizing my eductaion as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and previous Drug and Alcohol counselor I integrate this knowledge along with Reiki into my yoga teaching.  I focus my teaching to support and enhance your relationship to your mind, body and breath through yoga.  Let the breath lead each movement and connect with your inner needs to honor your body.  


Private one on one Yoga Session: $65

Private one on one Yoga 5 Pack: $275




$20 for half hour

AcuDetox is a form of therapy utilizing 5 points on the ear with acupuncture needles. Acudetox can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting calmness in the body to help aid in healing. This treatment can also help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms from drugs alcohol and even nicotine. There is no cost but please call ahead to register.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

$65 for 1 hour

Reiki is a science based energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  Reiki strengthens the self healing process, balances energies, sooths emotional distress promoting a peaceful outlook on things.  Kelly holds a safe sacred space for you to heal allowing energy to aid in your healing process.  Kelly uses crystals, singing bowls and essential oils to aid in each session.  *ADD Acudetox to your session for additional $15

Doterra Essential Oils

When using essential oils you want pure oils that allow you to reap the full benefits.  When seeking essential oils you want to look for sustainable and responsible sourcing, thorough testing and safety information on how to use oils properly.  Please feel free to reach out with questions about essential oils and their use.  Check  out my link to order when your ready.