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mental health therapy // breathwork // acudetox // yoga // meditation // reiki
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Due to COVID-19 I am providing option for in person or telehealth therapy. Please contact me for more information.  I accept most insurances and private pay.

We are now located inside The Be Free Healing Center

About ShoulShine Integrative Wellness


At SoulShine Integrative Wellness, our mission is to create a safe space to aid in whole body holistic healing and empowerment of all people to be the healthiest version of themselves.


Our vision is that all people have access to holistic therapies for a healthier lifestyle.


Integrative Individual Therapy

Integrative therapy introduces yoga, breathwork, meditation and acu-detox with mental health therapy in an effective way to build whole body wellness.


Breathwork is an active form of meditation consciously manipulating the breath helping to reconnect with the inner self, release blocked emotions, energy, and even trauma.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is evidence-based to help reduce cortisol levels, boost serotonin and brain GABA levels which improve mood and reduce anxiety.


Reiki is a science based energy healing aiding in the reduction of stress, boosts relaxation and promotes self-healing.


Acudetox is a form of therapy utilizing 5 points on the ear with acupuncture needles.  Acudetox can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression symptoms, withdrawal and cravings.

Meet the Expert Behind SoulShine Integrative Wellness

Kelly Thielk

Kelly Thielk

Owner, SoulShine Integrative Therapy

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work (2015) at Aurora University with a 4.0.  I went on to complete my state licensing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CADC, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Instuctor and Acu-Detox Specialist.  I continue to further my education to assist all people dealing with mental health and addiction.