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holistic mental health therapy // ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
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SoulShine Integrative Wellness LLC

SoulShine Integrative Wellness Soul Purpose

SoulShine Mission

To create a safe space to aid in whole body holistic healing and empowerment of all people to be the healthiest version of themselves.

SoulShine Vision

My vision is that all people have access to holistic therapies for a healthier lifestyle.

SoulShine Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

My offerings are intended to be used by all people, regardless of abilities, age, cultural background, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or religious affiliations.  I acknowledge my own limitation to represent the experiences of those with marginalized identities. I acknowledge my own dismantling of inherent bias is an ongoing process, and commit to continuing my education, and growing in understanding and awareness.

Soul Purpose Services

Holistic Mental Health 1:1 Therapy

Integrative therapy introduces yoga, breathwork journey, iRest meditation, Reiki and acu-detox with mental health therapy in an effective way to build whole body wellness.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

The use of ketamine as a complement to psychotherapy. I deliver
KAP in my practice in partnership with an organization called Journey
Clinical, which has a specialized medical team that determines eligibility
for KAP, prescribes the ketamine, & supports us in monitoring outcomes.

Meet the Expert Behind SoulShine Integrative Wellness

Kelly Thielk

Kelly Thielk

Owner, SoulShine Integrative Therapy

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapist, Acu-Detox Specialist, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Practitioner. I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work (2015) at Aurora University with a 4.0.  I went on to complete my state licensing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Instuctor, Reiki Master and Acu-Detox Specialist.  I continue to further my education to assist and hold space for all people on this healing journey.